Turning red plate engine into unrestricted


What all would need to be changed/swapped? Just jetting? Entire carb? Valve springs? Weenie pipe for big pipe? Anything else


Depending on the builder, he could have installed a specific cam, carb etc. Most top builders will as a red plate is a totally different animal compared to a non-restricted engine.

At the very least you'll want to change the carb and pipe. Most restrictor plate carbs have a modified butterfly angle to work with the plate.

Big Chris

If it was built by anyone who knew what they were dong, I'd expect that Cam, Cam timing (ILC), Ignition Timing, and Carb calibration are all different than what you'd want for an unrestricted.

FWIW, one of my red plates is the 2019 points series champ at Callahan Big Ten Series in FL, and the feature winner of 2019 Big O Tribute in Blacksburg, South Carolina.