UAS Administartors!

LOL hey I was going to say that.

I guess I'd have say one of my hair brain creations 450 250 what ever I have ready to go.

As soon as I get a set of 450 cases I will put this new crank rod and piston in it I have sitting here. But for now it's the Swiss auto. The twin kt100's are being worked on, and I might even have something else lined up.

Empire uas for those who don't know
Ramming up sand cores for the CRF 450 now. So far every thing looks like they line up. First casting this week finally. We'll see if they cast good enough to machine.
Twin KT's, K35 153cc and now K30 154cc. Out of all of the engines I have ran the twins were the most reliable. Never had a problem with them. And they were stock. Wanted to do SA twins but rooster wanted my dual jack shaft so I sold it to him. Of course he hasn't ran but maybe twice since he got it back. What a parts collector. LOL


But I'm not a UAS administrator either