UAS/RWYB 500.00 to Win!!! Custom Leather Jacket to winner if on 4 Vegas. Trophies to top 3..Winter Nationals East Bay Raceway: Lineup as of 1/2/2020


Exciting announcement, SPEED51 will be in the house to film the event.

Current Lineup

1. Troy Towers
2. Ed Schriefels
3. Hoppy
4. Heath Dorn
5. Justin Greene
6. Jimmy Nettles
7. Aaron Bell
8. Stephen Smith
9. Dylan Reynolds
10. James Williams
11. Charles Black
12. Aireal Prado
13. Butch Bailey
14. Tom?

Let me know if I can add you to lineup.
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Well we ran some practice Friday night. Saturday the track was full of trailers and Karts. They had a late start but they managed to run 3 rounds of practice. The whole field looked to be within a second of each other with Brad Nacosia taking the top spot in qualifying with a 15.00 on the big 1/3 mile track. Very cool since he was running a 125 Sudam against 250's, 270's and 450's. So much for the theory that a 125 can't compete against the motorcycle engines. Brad had 1/10th over Fast Eddie who qualified with a 15.11. Keep in mind that this is a fast time for the Lucas Oil Late Model Series that will be running at East Bay in a couple of weeks. Congratulations to Brad for being the fast qualifier. okay so much for that....let's move on to the race.........ooops not possible..because we didn't get to race...apparently no one took into account (Including me) that a 300 lap clone feature race could take 4 hours to run.....and another 22 classes were on the lineup also. So 2 or 3 races were run before the big 300 lapper. Apparently some problems were discovered with the track transponders so the start was delayed......then 20 minutes after getting the race under way around 7:45 the lights on the track and power in the booths went out......the electric was eventually restored but again more trouble with the transponders......then the race started going but then more trouble with transponders.....more delays...drivers out of karts...helmets in hand......reality now setting in for all those other racers......this 300 lapper is going to take the whole night to complete and the promoter has a curfew of 11:00. (Glad I don't promote The 300 lapper ended near 10:45 or so. 17 or 18 classes were then cancelled and results were paid on quailifying. So we had beautiful weather all day, got to hang and visit with all my race friends, but we didn't get to race. Sometimes you just have to treat a race like it was a rainout. Less And that my friends is the rest of the story.
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