Ultramax Chassis Choice


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Wanting some input for which Ultramax chassis to choose. Looking at the Eccentrick & Phase X. Mainly run Mid to Low Grip tracks. Smaller tracks 1/6 and smaller with Open/RWYB package. I have read that the Eccentrik has a small tuning window and is Tire sensitive. Any input would be appreciative.
phaze x is more user friendly...if it is perfect the excentric is probably a tick faster. I have phaze x and have 3 races on it and really like it.
Not qualified to answer that one I have never had the chance to run asphalt Looks like fun just do not have a track close to me. I know that the Phaze X was based off of an Octane and the Octane had an option for an asphalt spindle and you could move the right front back to an option set of mounting holes for your spindle for asphalt.
Thanks for the info. I have read that the Phaze has a larger tuning window for different tracks compared to the eccentrik. That is what i'm looking for.