Weight brackets


Does anyone have experience using these? Yrs ago on the phenom and nemises i remember bolting weight on tabs. Now getting back in the sport, my triton has no tabs. The guy driving my kart is 140 pounds and to race any class near me we have to be 375. I bolted so much weight to the seat i felt unsafe about it.
Thanks in advance.


So how do we know where they attach? Ive seen sizes of 3/4, 1 inch, 1 1/8, and 1 1/4. I have a triton i assume the 2 latter mounts to frame. But where can you hook a 3/4 and 1inch?


You can fool some of the people some of the time
Realize that if one of those 5 or 10 pound weights falls off it will be traveling at ??? MPH.
If it hits another racer or spectator at the very least it's going to really hurt.


My one driver weighs 140 also, no issues ever bolting weight to the seat to make 375# classes. I’ve had easy 80# bolted to seat over the years.