weinee pipe


Looking for options and opinions on what everone thinks on which one seems to be overall the best choice if there is a choice. TIA
I am disappointed that the 2014 rules didn't spec an INSIDE DIAMETER and leave the thickness open so the racers would get a tougher weenie pipe.
Someone wants to keep selling weenie pipes when they break.......
When you consider that the .750 pipe will flow twice as much as the muffler does, shape doesn't really matter. That is not to say that there are no gains to be made, but they are mostly below 5400 rpm.
I'm not talking about flow or gains, I'm talking about a .750" maximum outside diameter pipe that ends up being very thin wall for something that see's ~1200 degrees with a tiny cross section and then we wonder why they break off or crack. Flow is relevant to INSIDE diameter and they need to allow a thicker wall tube that doesn't break and set a spec for a maximum inside diameter and call it good. 1/2" schedule 40 pipe has an nominal inside dimension of .620" +/- with almost 1/8" wall thickness. It's cheaper, easier to bend without kinking, and much stronger.
We made one with .880 OD pipe to test. I think it was .790 ID. Anyway it was big and guess what. The engine lost power. It was better with the .625 ID pipe.
I ca just tell you of all the LEGAL small headers I have used on my clones I got the best from Bennie (Renegade) at B&M. How they flow can make a huge difference on the gear needed to turn same top rpms.