What carb for 356 cam?

Will , what else have you got, stroke, bore, valves, rockers ? ;)
Are you wanting a tilly ?
Hard to say but if alky use the 390 carb or for even more bang use the tilly hl304 or 348f or hl 360
this cam likes 8800+rpm 32-37 single springs or dual but pockets need to be cut.
if you milled your head or decked the block shorter push rods will be needed
and with this cam I would stay 1:1 ratio.if you want to keep the stock size push rod
then use the gx160 lifter.and use molly rods


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i found the 5.175 chrome moly pushrods are the right length for the cam (learned from having two bent pushrods).....this is using the stock lifters and the stock rockers....