What is a Momentum Track


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Being this is the beginner forum, I am sure I am not the only one that has this question and I can't find a direct answer... What is a momentum track versus one that is not? I see a lot of reference/discussion about momentum tracks in the forum but nothing saying what it is or it isn't. What is the difference and what do you do differently between one vs the other?


A track where driving and maintaining speed is everything. For instance, your go kart will only go so fast, (Predator engine with a governor as an example). You really have to be smooth through the turns and keep your momentum up. The track I race, the Predator and most of the Jr drivers never crack the throttle once the green drops. I have even seen tracks where a limited rarely lifts the throttle. Those are really fast momentum tracks where kids are running upwards of 60mph and limited are in the 80’s.
^...or a momentum oval is one where you just blip off the throttle at entry.

I define a momentum track as one where you scrub 500 rpm or less in the corners when choosing peak rpm for our engine customers.
Keep in mind that a purple plate engine driver may not need to lift in the corners whereas an unrestricted adult driver may. That makes a considerable difference as well. 500 rpm is just a number, a simplistic way to generalize momentum from tracks that put the engine in a bind.

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