what size tires?

I'm not sure what size tire to go with for my sons kart. On mine I run the Hoosier 12x9x6 on the rights. And 11x7x6 on the lefts. But my son is only 5. And it will be his first real race. The track is a small tenth. At best. Should I go with 12s on right and 11s on left or for kids is it easier to just go 11s all the way around? The track is kinda mixed on that decision. Thanks for ur help
I looked on Hoosiers web site because I am not familiar with their tire sizes. I am not sure why you seem to be running such uncommon sizes but maybe this info will help. After looking at the sizes they offer, I would be probably be running:
10.5 x 4.5-6 on the left front
11.0 x 6.0-6 on the left rear
11.0 x 8.1-6 on the right sides
Find Brian Carlson on here or his web site. He is very experienced with the Hoosiers and can get you pointed in the right direction real quick.
I had a very bad experience with them. Thats where I got my Hoosiers. I was thinking about running my son on the Burris treads.just curious if I should stagger the sizes. From left to right.
when we ran burris treads . 12's/8/6 on the right 11/5.50/6 on lft.
the new tx tires designations may have changed some as we ran the k 21
saw a jr1 go with the 12's all the way around an smoke the class. Do not know how the little guy turned it, but he did.
My son being 5 I want to make this thing drive itself. Seen a kid that looked bored just sat back and turned the wheel just very little. And couldn't be touched.
Is a every one on treads? a small tenth means under 500 ft., your gonna want some stagger.
Hitting the set up like that is great ,lotta work but pay off is a big ol smile