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We are running Hoosier treads on a small track.

Right rise is 12x9x6 D50 coupound Minimum Durometer 50.

Left side is 11x5.5x6 D30 Compound Minimum Durometer 45

What are the Wheels that I need to run these?

For Example, 6x10 wheel.
Do you need to run those size tires?
You are going to end up with a TON of stagger which you probably don't want.
Resizing treads is a bear to say the least.
Are you allowed to run wider right side wheels?
10" would be the minimum I would use for rights.
Left sides are determined by the amount of stagger you want/need, but with those sizes, you are looking at 2-3" of stagger.

Give us a call at the shop if you'd like - we work with Hoosier treads all the time.
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I’m also wondering the same thing. What size lefts to get to an inch of stagger if that’s even possible?


At this track the track will pay for everything to get tested if it does get to that point. There has been tire rules before and nobody fully followed them when it came to prepping, washing. The only rule that has been followed was making sure to get the correct tire size.

I ended up going with 6x6.50 for front left, 6x8.50 rear left, and right sides are 6x10.

I have no idea if these are the sizes I should of used but they fit the properly. They were the same wheels I had on my maxxis.


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That should do it . The wheels are not going toget you too 1 inch of stagger .
In my opinion no matter which you use .


I went to mount the 6x8.50 wheel onto the 11x5.5x6 tire and it won't bead. Is this the wrong wheel to be using?


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Yea you might want a 6 or 6.5 for that .
It took a lot of air when i did it .
Do you have a tire band ?
Remove the valve core .
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Yea . I would say what does the left frt measure compared to the rights .
Your in a different world with them treads any way .
Honestly the 6" or 6.5 is what i would use .
The circumference would be the driving factor .
The 8.5 is likely too end up smaller. Unless it grows alot when you blow it on .


What did the rights measure on the 10 inch? And the lefts on the 6.5 inch wheel if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks