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I am needing to get 3 new sets of wheels and was looking for any input on different brands. I know opinions are different but was just wondering what everyone thought. I found van k sets for 110 and they look good but have never ran them. Thanks everyone for your input.
Van-k Is an awesome wheel. We carry and and are dealers for them, as well as run them on our personal kart. If you have any questions or want some info for bulk pricing pm me.
Thanks everyone, I have run all but the van k and I have heard a lot of good about them but just didn't know. It's a dern good price on them, and just a good looking wheel. Thanks again and keep the info coming in.
Van K has have a new EXCELLENT line of Clear coated 6" wheels available. I have some pictures and a few in stock if you would like to see them. Every bit as good as anything else out there. Comotex... Shoot me a PM if you would like to see them.
I have noticed that alot of racers at the tracks i race at use the Douglas Q+ wheels, and i have 2 sets of them as well as Van K Tru Rolls and i like both of them, but neither of those are as nice as the machined set of Pro wheels i have, they are the nicest wheels iv seen. Not sure the exact brand or name of these wheels, i just saw a sticker on them that said Pro and thats all i found. Id like to know the brand to get more of these if anyone knows what they are. They are charcoal/silver colored and are 1 piece wheels. I can probably get a picture if that would help anyone.
Outlaw high polished wheel is the same as Van K, they make them for outlaw, they are 104. a set, if u would like a pic just email me at klb7579@yahoo.com they are staged to take the side hits in wrecks