When melting lead....

How are you guys doing the bolt hole in your lead pucks when melting your own lead? In the past I have poured the lead and drilled it later, but this is tough on a drill bit even when using a drill press. Wondering if I could put some kind of stud in my pans so it leaves a hole when it sets up hard.
Try putting the correct length bolt in the center of the pan before you fill it. also, put a star washer and a nut a short ways from the bolt head. this kind of locks the bolt so that it doesn't try and twist on you when you mount it up. dad did it this way for our race car weights....worked every time!
A short piece of steel tubing works fine too, but all you need to do is know how to sharpen your drill bits so they don't grab and it will be o.k., THE most important thing to do while pouring lead is to make doubly sure that there is zero water present and wear a good pair of goggles and heavy gloves.
Lube your bit with cutting oil - or heck, just straight oil when drilling lead. All you need to do is keep the bit cool/lubed enough that the lead won't solder itself to the cutting edge.
X2 this is what I do
Seems some were paying attention to the old site;)
X3, have done the valve trick since we got in karting
Polish the valve, stand it in your muffin pan before pouring, when they cool tap lightly it comes right out, perfect 5/16 hole
Take the lead and put it on a soft piece of wood, get a long bolt the size you are going to use or a little bigger, just bang it thru with a dead blow hammer. Turn it upside down and bang the bolt out with a punch and you got your whole .No drilling necessary.