Where to find?


Where would somebody find Blockzilla block, head and sidecover? Doesn't need to be 3" bore. Only making a 14.5 ci out of it.
I have a virgin blockzilla 1 No work done to it
Brand new purple blockzilla sidecover
Original blockzilla cylinder head
$300.00 shipped to your door
Email or pm for pictures
Thanks Steve
The Blocky 2 comes with the same bore size as the Blocky 1.....which is the same bore size as the Raptor.
The Blocky 2 has an improved bolt pattern......and that pattern can be rather easily used on the Blocky 1, and head.

The 3, is the 3" bore, and is the bore half of the infamous Blocky 3X3 engines.

You can obviously get a superior 14.5 engine from the 1 and the 2. To get the big bore 3 down to 14.5 you'd need to run a destroked crank. I expect that an Intek/Animal/WF 206 crank would get you there.
What would be a good combo as far as bore vs stroke and still stay within the 14.5 cubic inches? I have a blockzilla 2