Which body style is better?


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I have a pretty beat up body now and im looking to get a new one. i want to know what everyone thinks on the different designs like the swoop or stealth or even the average body styles. plus any good graphix websites or companies that are good.
Best place for graphics is bryandecals.com just got graphics from himm and they are awesome and a good price.
Pretty much just a style preference really other then the strength of the body and that's all on the company who made it
Had a comp composites for 2 races and tore the bottom of the nose out. My son's Jrkart has been hit on every side and has yet to break. It's a m&m body.
I like our Chavous bodies that we sell. As far as lettering or wraps go there are a lot of good folks out there that do them. My personal preferance is Dalton @ Wrap Tech Signz as he does some killer work for very good prices!!
I have had a Chavous for three seasons now. Have taken some hard licks and it holds up pretty good. Had a jack wagon rail me from behind and push me in to the guy in front of me on a restart and didn't even leave a mark. We even have big rig tires to mark the infield at our track and I hit one once and didn't do damage other than cracking the paint.
hey guys jeff here comp had i known anyone was having an issue with the nose i would have investigated it i have changed the way the laminates are laid in and added a stronger glass on the bottom as well as running 2 strips from the front of nose to back where it mounts

the bottoms will not have any issues anymore

hey guys please if you see something i want to know so i can investigate and fix any issue that may arise
thanks jeff