Why is it called...

I had a kid tell me his scooter had 50cc's and was fast, I had to laugh
Well in Europe you have mopeds that were originally bult as 50cc and still would go 100 mph, and even more after modified and bored to 80cc. In most european countries you can drive a car till you are 18, so you can see many High School and even Middle School kids driving mopeds, many of them come with racing style bodies but still 50cc, and fast. Have you even wondred why nowadays Spain and Italy dominate most of the bike Road Racing at International evel, or why in the 70s and 80s Spain was also one of the countries producing dirt bikes like Bultaco, Montesa, Ossa, etc. even for trial bikes, like Gas Gas or beta from Italy? Many of those mopeds/scooters sold in europe cost more than some cars, believe me.
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I think it's the 14.5 because you have to make the combo.. i.e. over bore block, stroker, head size.. it's meant to be left as open as possible
Head has nothing to do with it .
This :
The original flathead briggs were called by their cubic inches.
A stock flatty (model 13 (130232)) was about 13 cubic inches

.100 overbore, .200 over stock stroke was more than14.5 cubic inches.

Holdover from old days.
The other reason was the G200 honda (bigger stock bore) easily could be made into more cu in than the briggs.

In order to keep this from being a honda only class, the engine displacement was limited to 14.5 cu in.


The honda still had an advantage because of valve spacing.
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