Yard kart build...


Got a call from a local fella that knows I race and sell parts. Wants to refurbish the yard kart for the youngins Christmas.

Gonna get a new Predator for it and possibly hop it up a touch.

Looking for quick easy bolt-ons. Thinking exhaust, cam, springs, etc.

Give me your thoughts. I?ll update when I find out if Hemi or not.

Oh - leaving governor intact.


honest... leave it as is... and buy the extended warranty, some pretty nice yard kart clutches on ebay for $19 and a new chain... most yard karts don't need to be that fast to be fun... fun is it starting everytime and the chain not falling off


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Check out the various hop up kits here, for hemi & non-hemi engines. Sounds like you want a Stage 3 setup, since you mention a cam. However, a cam is not a quick & easy bolt-on. If you don't want to open up the engine, check out Stages 1 or 2. Stages 1 & 2 are probably plenty, since you're leaving the governor intact.



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I tend discourage this because kids are involved and they want to have fun not accidents

One thing I think is a good is a Comet 30 series clutch off a Yerfdog 3204.
Sometimes a drum clutch is not the right choice.
Some people have two kids in a yard kart and they struggle to climb a hill.
a 30 series with 7 inch secondary is a good way to get them up hills without excessive power leading to excessive speed

Waste of money with hop up parts and keeping the govonor hooked up
Not always.
18cc head, adjust the carb so its a little richer, a little "corrected" timing and a stock clone runs better without spinning faster.
Its not about more power, if you make the engine run better and add a little low end torque to climb a hill that's OK.

Racing is different things are built to race, geared to run at the right RPM and driven on a predictable track.
Non of this happens in a fun kart where kids can hold the throttle to the floor and drive down hill with questionable skills/supervision, and no billet parts.
Keep it fun keep it safe never over rev with a by pass of adjust it to exceed the proper RPM rating for a fun kart.


No doubt I fully agree. My advice to him was for a yard kart. You are correct in that an engine with a govonor can be made to work better. That's where this predator thing will self destruct.