Youth Safety Equipment


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We are new to the sport and I have been going thru the posts and didnt see this specifically so I figured I would ask. My son is 7 and just starting, however he is a very small 7 yr old. With that said, we are having difficulty in finding jackets, shows, gloves, etc... that fit him. For example the K1 racing jacket 7XS is still too big. Question is... are there any safety equipment companies that have smaller product lines or are we just going to be slightly uncomfortable until we grow into the gear?


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My daughter is 37 lbs and the k1 7xs jacket is a little big but it fits ok. I did a lot of research and couldn’t find one smaller.

She now has a wulf suit that fits a little better


Please remember this response is just my personal opinion. We live and race out of n. c. and could not find appropriate safety gear. We thought like many others that it would be okay if the gear was a little small or big because he was not going to crash hard anyway, jr1 racing in sc ,ga etc is anything but soft. So after the big one was over I called some old friends in Indiana at COMET KART SALES. One of the biggest selections of kids safety gear in the country. So nine hours later we were there , three hours to fit everything to him custom and best prices in the country. A little much,maybe, but I know what my kid is worth to me, and a confident driver is a fast driver.