3/8 oval paved champ kart


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Hoosier A40.... LO206, any clutch, any gear
running on 3/8 super speedways (for champs anyway) medium to low bank
looking for some starring points. total weight without adding lead will be around 450 (425 class)
percents or pounds suggestion please.
L side?
air pressures?
Nitrogen or just air?
Stagger if any?
Best way to balance my wheels?
any thoughts on air bleeders in theses little wheels??
I can only assume we will reach speeds in the ball park of 70+mph.

Its build time.. kart is stripped and ready
We ran 2 champs at anderson, high bank 1/4 mtlawn, almost flat 3/10. The general % on left front and cross won't very much from standard for your kart but we run 0 toe and 2.5 and 1 camber on flater mt lawn. We started with 15 psi right and 12 left 1in stager front and as little as you can get on rear. We ran a 5in wheel on left rear and had 1/2 rear stager. You tire psi may need to be changed a lot more with track conditions
You may start with 20 driver 58 to 60 gear we ran 63 on top end at anderson, it's like a daytona 500 race, drafting is very imporant