80hp kart motors uas


Phiddy , you need a kart like we came across in the 80's, we were running KT100 with typical kart frame at an indoor race and about a dozen karts showed up with a narrow frame , might have been square tube, engine setting behind the seat. They had to pitch them into the turns, it had to push like a "B" . but coming off every turn they pulled the front wheels a foot off the ground. Fun to watch but overall not as fast as what we had. On the subject of big UAS HP it's not just an engine , but an engine package. So you could put a pair of open 135's on nitrous and squirt it up to say 90 or 100 HP, now try an hook that up.
I cant get mine hooked up spraying 25, and its a fourstroke. Not sure how a two stroke would react? I think it would be a little too violent to go fast, but would be fun to drive for sure.
I agree with violent as a description for spraying a smoker , the only time I've ever seen it done was at a dirt drag race with a RD400 Yamaha, I don't think they had their act all together. When he hit the button right off the line the bike stood straight up and spit him off, but it wasn't done yet. it ran down the track just a little ways then when it ran into the fence it got traction in the wire and started to climb it like it was trying to escape. Had spectators scattering. Been wanting to try it ever since.