Calcium prepared track

Best results are to water and run in as normally would, then mist it with water again then spread calcium flakes key is use enough track should look covered, re run it in with run in vehicles it will get real slimy then gain some grip, when it goes dull looking shine leaves keep moving down and it's ready for karts, finish it off with karts as soon as run in vehicles go off.
If it does not go real slimy and you do not start hearing a vacuum sound as you run it in you did not use enough calcium, if it does not seal over and hold you did not have enough moisture in and on track when calcium went on, also always add to top surface only never down in the track, basically the flakes lay there and keep purging moisture for a lot longer period of time thus adds grip and holds it together. Magnesium chloride flakes can be used as a substitute. When figuring out amount to use take into consideration cloud cover or sunshine but for example on a warmer sunny day my old 1/8th mile track took 16 to 18 ) 50 lb bags, It would hold all day and turn a normally 10 sec night racing track on 11's, into a high 8 sec day racing track on 55's.
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Biggest misconception with calcium is thinking just the fact you use calcium it's automatically going to add grip, it's not that simple still all about volumes and timing and it's the fact that the calcium keeps purging moisture that adds the grip. And make no mistake there is no as good substitute for calcium, the mag flakes do work real well.
Another mistake is say a 2 day show track is smooth and hard from Saturday it rains over night Sunday morning track is showing standing water, you must run that in before applying calcium or you just wasting it, as it just turns into liquid and you never get the same effect, remember yes surface needs to have moisture in it when calcium goes on but not water covered that the flakes just dissolve, you need the flakes to lay on surface and purge moisture as you re run it in, then it will keep purging moisture during practice while the karts are on it which makes the grip.