I currently have an EZUP brand name 10x10 canopy that I really like and is a heavy construction , Id like to upgrade to a 10x15 or maybe 10x20 but the EZUP brand name is out of my price range so I was wondering has anyone purchased a canopy that size and can recommend a brand that is of at least near equal quality to the EZUP brand and more affordable maybe thru Amazon ? If not I may just purchase another 10x10 EZUP bran


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let me look tomm. We got a 10x15 for alongside the trailer and it’s really well made. I just can’t remember the brand off the top of my head.


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I tie two 10x10 walmart brand canopies together. Aside from a small strip of sun where they meet its not been a problem. I could see rain protection being an issue.


Check out action sports canopies. They aren't cheap but the quality is second to none and they tier pricing based on allowing their logo in certain spots and sizes. 10X15 with their logo and mine heavy duty aluminum frames . Very professional and prompt.