Cargo trailer vs utility trailer


Internal debate happening. Looking at buying a trailer for a single kart setup. Cargo trailers can get pricey for my limited budget, but utility trailers aren't as bad.

Do I keep looking for a cargo trailer or go with a utility trailer and canopy?

My primary concern is elements while at the track and things getting soaked (myself included) if bad weather roles in.

Pulling with an 07 expedition.
You may look back in a year and say. I should have bought the Cargo trailer. Especially when it is raining, damp, cold. And if you have an open trailer people can get to your tools, parts etc. Stopping for lunch at a restaurant leaves it to other peoples honesty.
When I first stated racing,I had to use the the pickup bed. Problem is, we normally race from spring to fall and that is the biggest thunderstorm season! Stuff gets wet no matter how good you wrap it. And when finished with racing in general, They are very easy to re-sale.


I'm with One Fast Kat. Over 20 years ago I gritted my teeth and and spent the extra money for an enclosed trailer. Still have the same trailer, and will never go back to an open trailer. The only "problem" with this one is that it will only haul up through a full midget - if I have to use my trailer for a full sized sprint or super sportsman, I'll have to trade it on a longer one. :)


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We used an open trailer when we began and raced far from home for 2 day shows. There is nothing comfy about sleeping in a motel and worrying if your stuff is getting stolen in the parking lot.
I used an open trailer for years. Then I welded an upper deck to it. Pulled it thru rain and everything else. Granted I run enduro road races so driving a few hundred miles or even a thousand miles to the race track was routine. It took 6-8 hours to load up and secure the karts and supplies. About half that to unload it. Stopping in sketchy areas was anxiety producing (luckily nothing bad happened to our stuff). Anyhoo, we recently purchased an enclosed trailer. Benefits include leaving it partially loaded, not getting all of our stuff soaked, no love bugs and security peace of mind. Gas mileage between the two are essentially the same. I should have bought an enclosed trailer years ago.


Get a cargo trailer. Nothing like hitting a big rain storm on the way home and knowing all your stuff will be fine until whenever you get to it.


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I ran 2 weekends with a utility trailer and canopy. After having to unload everything at 1AM two weeks in row, I bought a cargo trailer. Being able to get home, and just go to bed is soooo nice. Not to mention if you travel any and have to spend a night somewhere.