Chain guard?

I hope you mean the gear guard on the axle and not the actual chain guard on the engine... plenty on here who have posted pictures of their arm injuries after a broken chain and that was with the chain guard. Injury would be far worse without one, and you would risk getting your elbow or jacket in the clutch. No bueno.


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YES use both, and get a good one on the motor.. i recommend ARC DJ1420 or similar. having had the chain wrap the clutch split the cover plate from the mounting plate the commence to beat the snot out of my arm like a weed eater. left me bloody... and in pain.. as for the gear guard.. i like the plastic ones... they won't fold around the chain if you leave the track.


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And If you mean gear guard, for every 10 chains I see pop off on track 8 of them are not using gear guards.
Call it lazy or maybe wanting to be quicker... I have just been running the right side since we started doing this a couple years back. Seemed to be losing a chain due to wheel impact every 3-4 races, sometimes if we drove up on someone and the wheels came off the ground in the front it would come off. Felt like it was worse as soon as i changed to 219 but i switched back to 35 and i'll be damned kid ran us over and knocked it off the next week with a new chain. Went ahead and put the other side on to see if that helps, made it through one feature so far

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Chain guard on engine...YES, post 5 says it all
Gear guard on, reason for that, if the chain happens to pop off you can easily put it back on and finish the race
You really don't see any big names running them either on there axel


Sorry to bump an old thread, but I run a plastic guard on both my sons karts, bit of a pain to remove and charge the gear. This weekend I saw one of these guides and thought it was fantastic, but it was mounted on the seat frame as opposed to the motor mount. Anyone know of any other options besides the one above from Nitro?