does anyone use dragon speech software here on bob's?

yeah, never thought about doing that ! yeah, when she starts on my case, I'll just say, "send it to me in a letter".

anyone else, does it work ?
Overall a good program


1. You have to be able to read good enough to train it to the sound of your voice;
2. Can't be used in a noisy environment, it muddles what it produces;
3. You have to speak loud enough and use good articulation.


1. Once you have it trained you can write a whole book, including editing - you can search, edit, etc.
2. You can teach it to understand the way YOU pronounce words.

My wife uses it with several of her visually impaired students.
What I would like to know is what version would be best for home use. They have versions from $49.95 to $799.00. There is one version for $129.00; would that be better for our use?
Does anyone know how much memory is best, or what speed processor you would need for really trouble free operation?
Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions always welcome.
I bought my laptop way back a few years ago loaded. Windows 7 professional.

8 gig mem blue tooth and all of everything else that was offered

glad I did except for graphics. the graphics on it won't let me play all the stuff I want
Yes windows does have speech recognition and it works pretty good. Not perfect for sure, but good. It has problems with normal speech, but if you go slow and your diction is good, you can get by. If it makes a mistake just say delete that. Of course you need to know what words mean. It doesn't know where to put the word "quote" or the sign ",". Perhaps I just haven't found how to do it. It doesn't know where to put punctuation, you have to tell it. If it gets something wrong, just say delete that, and it backs up. Don't cough or sneeze or clear your throat, because it attempts to interpret everything you say. It is now having trouble understanding the word "hears". I think there is a way to teach it, but I think I will need more training.

It doesn't understand, when you say, new paragraph, if you want to type new paragraph or start a new paragraph. You have to say, "new" and "paragraph" separately or else it starts a new paragraph.
If you don't know how to touch type, it might be faster than packing out what you'll want to say.

Learning is fun.

Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions always welcome. It did this line without much trouble.
After rereading that last post and seeing all the mistakes, I can see I'll need to pay closer attention to what the program types.

Comments compliments criticisms and question always welcome.
After further review, I am under the impression that windows 7 speech recognition software might be considered an alternative to spending money on really good software.
I have ordered, ”dragon“ naturally speaking software and it will be here Friday, so I may be giving an update on this over the weekend.
If you’re a hunt and peck type on the keyboard, and/or are spelling challenged, windows seven or eight speech recognition could be a big help to you.
My eyes are getting pretty bad so I do all my writing in Microsoft word. This way I can use a larger, boulder type and that makes it a lot easier for me. I can touch type but the diabetes is getting to my hands and typing is becoming harder and harder.
The other benefit with Microsoft Word is the spell checker and thesaurus.
Just highlight, copy, alt-tab back to the post you were answering, and past.
Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
If the data does not support the theory, get a new theory.
Al, how's dragon working out for you ?
It's not working at all!!
To start with it was a week late getting here. I ordered on Monday before Christmas and they said it would be here by Friday but I didn't get it until the next Friday. Maybe not their fault what with Christmas deliveries and all.
I found out it takes some training, which I expected, but what I didn't expect was you need some kind of recording device i.e. A voice recorder of some kind? I don't have one and I haven't made up my mind to buy one.
I purchased a headset to use with windows speech recognition before I purchased Dragon, but I found the headset that comes with dragon is better, much better. So here I am, stuck with windows and the Dragon headset.
I don't know much about voice recorders so if anybody has some recommendations I'll take them under consideration.
And here's the kicker, it's darn near impossible to contact tech at Dragon. I should say completely because I haven't got through yet.
By the way, F. Y. I., This windows program is getting better every day. If you can't touch type, Windows speech recognition will work very well for you. Speech recognition doesn't know how two punctuate so you have to do that, but on the plus side it's a really good speller. Not perfect, but a whole lot more fun than hunting and pecking. If you go slow and it gets the word wrong, just say correct that, and up pops a choice of words to replace a misspelled one.
If the data does not support the theory, get a new theory.
"I found out it takes some training, which I expected, but what I didn't expect was you need some kind of recording device i.e. A voice recorder of some kind? I don't have one and I haven't made up my mind to buy one."

Your pc or laptop already is a voice recorder.

Click on start and search for 'sound recorder'. I was able to make a test recording, start it playing, and then also record the playback of my test recording. I had to turn the volume up all the way and new recording sounded like it was made in a barrel. But maybe the software will adjust to the muffled sound and it will work for you????

edit: If you have speakers for the playback it may work great for you, just point the speaker at the mike when you make the second recording. I only used the speakers on my laptop to re-record the test message.
By the way, Windows knows the difference between they're, (they are) their and there. Kind of neat. Also, it will put in the right one; too, to or two. Really neat.
I'm thinking, Dragon had better be really good. If I ever get it working.