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i'm guessing a dual engine set up is a major project. is it safe to say both engines must be as close to identical as possible? How do you avoid one motor or clutch dragging the other one?, Your insight please before i spend any money on this project. Thanks


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Always been a plan of mine .
Yes all above is true .
The dual clutches should be a help.
My insight is it's only as fast as your slowest engine .
The cool factor is off the chart though .


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Back in the stone age when IKF had a dual flathead sprint national class which John Turk senior won that year, we found a bit more speed on the Marshalltown sprint track buy using a small gear ratio split. One motor was at peak torque for the tight sections and the other motor was at peak torque for the high speed sections.

That wasn't a freight train set. It was a motor on each side with their own clutch and rear gear. So I disagree that booth motors must be exactly the same in order to help each other to go faster.


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I race a mild modified clone twin on a sprint style dirt track. I find engines as close as possible to being the same helps and same gearing on both engines. One issue I found was I was overheating the left hand motor coil due to seat position so I fitted a brake duct from a sprint kart to blow air into the flywheel . I race in Australia and we still run twin KT 100's at some tracks .Its great fun to drive and sounds awesome.


just remember, you have to buy two of a lot of parts. we run twin 100cc. I love the challenge , but it gets old.


Yes, that is the major complaint I hear about duels, lots of maintenance. You'll quickly find your tires and brakes are too small. You don't need to do anything heroic to match the engines just use the same thing on both sides and that's close enough.