Ec. Stock appearing carb


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There was on the old site a page that the late great ec bert wrote on building a stock appearing carb any one have this info thanks
I had it at one time too but its gone.back in the day they used fun kart carbs because they were bigger and you could even bore them out more.
they even had a special s/a carb made.but you could tell it was not a true Briggs.
popatop,, when I was with EC we built several, One time EC built one using a steel tube an then fabricated all the little parts to make it look like a stock briggs carb, he would show it to ya and then stick a magnet to it to get your attention, insane amount of time to build it. most of the time we built them out of the stock carb, boring them as big as we dared and hoping they wouldn't break, not right away anyway, eventually they all did. Clements built a bunch of big SA carb's but they didn't work very well until we worked them, they definitely didn't look very stock. The Cyclone also doesn't look exactly stock but has a very big bore compared to what you can do with the stock piece. We never used the fun kart carb , it wasn't legal for guys we were building for. What do you want to know? Jon
I had it saved to my favorites. I wish i had printed all that stuff out. Lesson learned i guess.

If you have it saved in your favourites tab can you cut and paste the link and send it to me. I know the link in youir favourites tab doesnt work now that the old bobs is gone but i may be able to recover it for you if you send me the address that appears in the address bar when you click on your link in favourites.
Looks like I won't be able to help. computer had nothing, found the piston I Had misplaced but not the article's . found 1 about work on tilly. still not convinced as I also had the ring lapping, piston holding jig and modify for nitro printed out.
I know he liked .720 and think he used a penny for the shutter.

.750 at least and no , not a penny, a penny's too fat and a shutter is not round. We used a shutter out of a .750 bore carb or just made one, we used to have a good supply of .750 shutters, I'm not sure what they were even out of. Jon