is tyler racing a good,strong flathead engine builder?, i here alot about tod millers engines to, need some helpfull advice from more experienced kart racers. im just geting started got 2 races under my belt. just fixing to get my engines re-done for next year and needed some advice on who to go with?
Their all great builders but it comes down to whose closest and who can provide the easiest customer service if you have a problem.
we have over 80 feature wins with a bondatti flatheads , plus our animals & clones but my pick won`t go anywhere else had alot of good luck out of them.
jeff .
I've been around long enough to have seen this happen before, 25 years ago or so a lot of racers in my area ran Yamahas and other two cycles on dirt ovals. A good B/P engine was about 1200 dollars, and along came the Briggs race motor for 300.00 and people thought, I'm gonna build me a motor and go win a race. Fast forward 20 years, now a Briggs stocker capable of winning a race is 1200 dollars and some are much more, and along comes a clone for 150 bucks, and people thought, I'm gonna buy me a clone and go win a race. It's all about economics, even though there was some resistance to the fact that it's a Chinese motor, in the end it didn't really matter. With new people coming into the sport, and some already here the price difference was too much to ignore, the clones washed over us like a tsunami and now it's hard to find a race in the south with Briggs stockers, there's no room in the program for them at a lot of the big races. As clones get more expensive for B/D's ones we may see a slight comeback for B&S stockers, but if it takes too long they will probably disappear forever as blocks and other key parts don't get made again. Jon