(Help) Clone Carb Issues


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I have purchased a couple carbs. One being a gas NR Carb that I was never able to get right. Then the latest purchase of a "stock appearing stage 3 .685 (alcohol)" carb from NR as well. Pull both out of the box and they both are similar in problems. The alcohol one is more my concern. It's pretty tough to get it started and then it acts as if its (lean). Oddly it has a 63 jet which in my opinion is huge but I could be wrong. I'm thinking surely I'm not the only person that has/had this issue with these carbs. Any other products that I have received are finominal but I'm stumped on the carbs. I've had a stock appearing Dover (alcohol) carb that's been bolted on 4 different engines and is perfect every time. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and thanks to all in advance.
I've emailed but didn't have much luck. Like I say, all other stuff is great equipment. This dang carb has me whooped.
I know it does say some idle quality and low rpm range will be affected.
Did you double check all your gaskets, and make sure it is all tightened down make sure gaskets are not blocking any passages.
I would for sure try to get ahold of Russ again and again...he is really a stand up guy and super informative.

If not would you like to sell one of those carbs?
Yes sir, all gaskets are good to go. I would definitely rather get them right. Judging by their other products, if these carbs will work right I know I'll have a beast on my hands haha!
I see you are in Texas, and Russ is up hear by me.
What is your elevation? Dover carb may have run well because of a closer elevation height!
Meaning a change in jetting may be required...
He is the same as us right around 600' above sea level.
I would roughly say anywhere from 400' to 425'. The larger jet makes sense to me for the amount of air you're getting but it just doesn't have that hit to it. I'm definitely not trying to bash their product but surely I'm not the only person that's experienced the issue. I figured someone has already tackled and conquered it haha.
I have that same nr carb too and mine is a dud. Even changed jetting, still no results. Bolted my new Dover carb on today.and it was awesome. No comparison. Not bashing nr, just something is nor right with those carbs.
Anyone want to sell one of these "Dud" carbs?

Anyway...is it one of the carbs with the enlarged butterfly?
If so sometimes you have to run some sealant between the carb and gasket to make it seal.
Like I said, definitely not getting personal. I'm sure he's the same as me and would like to get them right. Once again, can't be the only person that's had the issue. Sorry, for looking for quick intellegence.
I have a NR stage 3 on gas though...no problems that I can speak of except I did have to put sealant between the gasket and carb to get it to seal right.

Running between a 40-41 main jet and a 22 low jet, on gas so a 65 jet on alky seems to be in the ball park.
Thanks Brown, I've had really good luck with the Dover carb as well. Just hate to throw money down the drain.
Yak, I agree jet wise but it seems lean as all get out but I know that's not the case haha. It easily revs and takes forever to idle back down. Doesn't idle well at all and is hell to get started.
Not dumb at all sir but yes to answer the question. Both carbs do the same thing. Really strange.