Input on the C-4

Also, do a search in the classifieds for a C4 and tell me how many you find. Compare that to the Excentrics and PhazeX karts in there...that should tell you something.
i race a 2011 C-4. seems everyone tells me the chassis is to stiff for our ohio dirt tracks. Everyone says its a "southern" dirt track frame. I don't know. I think once i grasp ahold of my tires it will be fine.
I ride a 2009 c4. Picked it up at a local kart shop in 2011 with 4 races on it. It has 24 on it now. I'm in Ohio I have nothing but good things to say about this go kart. I've won with it in flat heads clones and open classes. Had a friends go kart get bent indoor so I let her use mine. She won lites at Columbus with it. If you have questions pm. Your number.
Basically an updated blaze Tim... Greenzweig has an 09 for sale if your interested... I'd also let my 04 blaze go (Todds blue kart)