Kathy Hartman


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Ask Haddock and Dismore both who is the best (especially Sprint racing) and they will say Kyle Adkins. I have never been able to beat any of the three when their engines were still running at the end of the event, so I think they are all "Legendary" :D
Well, I have had a chance to work with all of them. I agree Kyle Adkins best; but Scott Pruett not far behind; then Lynn Haddock and Mark Dismore and Gary Emmick and Lake Speed. Linda Emmick and Kathey Hartman great racers, but not in the same field. Too many other greats to mention them. Ask them yourself about my opinion.



The 70's and 80's was in my opinion the heyday of karting, I was always amazed at the ingenuity and skill of some karters both drivers and mechanics, I always thought Lynn Haddock and Kyle Adkins were the Kings of karting during those years, they were truly a joy to watch, then there is Lake Speed World Champion 1978!!