KT100 class at MAOS


We will be having a KT100-pipe 370# class and a RWYB 390# class at the Midwest Asphalt Oval Series events. We will be going to five tracks in five states if anyone wants a National Caliber series this is it. I love two cycle racing and would love to see it like it was back in 80s and 90s. Right now these two classes will be open tire for 2014. The other classes are all Vega sponsored so Vegas must be ran during racing.
I would suggest that you make rules like no stroker cranks, no reeds, because those 2 things are probably the reason for the demise of the class all over the country, some yrs. back.
There will be no reeds in kt100 class kt100 engine is the only motor allowed must have stock rod or original manufacture rod, single ring design pistons and you are allowed the bottom to be machined for timing, original crank or stock, maximum bore is 2.090, maximum stroke is 1.816. Now in Rwyb you can run any 2 cycle engine reed or not but has to be 100cc and under this may change if UAS drivers want to join the series as rwyb is mainly open 4 cycle. I grew up 2 cycle racing and want to have a series where they are fun to run and watch and with rules and tech this is possible. I will do my best to accomidate all racers but. A rule is a rule if your kt100 is not legal you run RWYB class simple.
the name was changed to UAS and yes open 4 cycles are allowed but they will run UAS rules... we are running a limited modified animal which might be your best option
Discuss it I'm still open for the class but we will have to set some rules such as weight, ages, and cc (maybe). Other than that I don't care that why it is a RWYB as long as its a kart chassis and safety is stressed I don't care. If I add it do you want a championship if you choose a championship you must run Vegas, and if you don't it can be open tire but I will have to see on payout as this is spec tire series and Vega has put forth a set amount. Id do at 70% payback is that ok? Racers want want more or less? Trophies at the end of the year? Trophies for the weekends? Pursue a sponsor? There is a lot that goes into a class to provide the best experience for my racers. If its a RWYB class in reality it will more than likely be for the local guys to bring what they want to the track and run which I don't foresee this class having followers that will chase a championship across the Midwest especially without a rule structure. If I am wrong please state what you think or will happen.
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Classes are set- In KT100 we will be running a Spec pipe to allow a cheaper avenue for those entering the Kt100 class until we have a strong showing this will help the class grow. I apologize if you don't have the spec pipe already but those who don't have the motor don't have the pipe and don't have other costly items. This is my attempt to bring a strong showing of 2 cycles back to local levels and championship racing instead of specials here and there. We will be having a RWYB and UAS class so bring the 2 cycles out let them scream! In RWYB it may be either 2 or 4 cycle as long as its on a kart frame.
Well as soon as I posted this within a few days I received phone calls and PMs requesting to keep it an open pipe as I can see the point both directions so as of now the matter is up for discussion. The rules are for a stock yamaha, no stock appearing outlaw kt100s the rules are on the website www.maoskart.com. With the exception on the pipe rule being correct. The rules you will find are very similar to WKA Yamaha class that they run in road racing and the dirt. As very little may be done to the internal engine creating a competitive and affordable 2 cycle class.
Just a word to the wise, use the spec pipe. You don't wanna get into the pipe of the week club!!!! There will be some that scream and holler, but let them, think of the rest of the participants.
Before the pipe was a rlv l2 a very versible pipe and but i will be contacting a few companies after the holidays to see if i can get a deal and sponsorship to help with the pipe and purse
yes... if you check the website out its http://www.maoskart.com it has all the information you need to run the series including the schedule and entry form. I will be adding more information to the site as I receive it. Pass along this information to those who don't get on Bobs. The entry fees are $35 dollars and pit passes are $15 this series. I hope all are getting excited to have a national/regional series on the asphalt again.