My restarts suck!!!


Getting my ass kicked on restarts? running a 1/12 mile high banked oval. 2 disc bully with 12 driver 65 rear gears. Motor is a 212 predator hemi with a clone crank “208” cc. Mod 2 cam 18lb springs arc rod billet flywheel 32 degrees timing “i think” head milled .050 with very light port work. Flat top piston with .032 ptv clearance running 100 octane gas. Carb is a .630 bore ruxing .022 idle jet .039 main where am I going wrong or what should I look for motor runs awesome just seems down on power. Only rules are stock appearing carb and .233 lift cam and I truly think the cam is where my power is down because they NEVER tech. Please help!!!


Dawg 89
Your timing can not be think .
At 32 it's a bit retarded.
A bigger idle jet would not hurt .
Clutch set up and condition is big .
How are you weight wise ? Close or heavy ?
Sounds like stock appearing.


I need to degree the cam and verify what im actually sitting at before next time out. Clutch has about .040 clearance red springs set at .220 and 1 bolt in outter hole overall nice condition. Probably getting towards the end of service before needed rebuilt but still within spec. No weight rule but im about 410 race ready. Had to use some lead to get my numbers right but handles awesome. As far as timing what should i try and i have a business card spacing on my coil.


I would go up on the low speed to about .32 to .34 , have you tried an 11 driver , with a 58 to 62 rear gear . Seems to help me esp when the track gets dry and slick . What kind of rpm's are you turning ? How much are your rpm drops ?