need a very fast drop prep

Being as your from stokesdale. Give me a call I can get you some stuff I know will drop a tire. I live on belews creek rd. 336-423-8587. Daniel Hindre.
Most gold we can get locally here is cut down and not worth a flip. I've heard ford fuels or zoom has best around here. Prep I've got has no goat in it. Softens and stays with the tire.
Rockstar Red will get you were u need to be with 10x more bite than goat...Let me know if I can help. Thanks,Tim Hopper
Rockstar Red will get you were u need to be with 10x more bite than goat...Let me know if I can help. Thanks,Tim Hopper
that's hard to believe...10x more bite..are you sure we could make the first turn with out flipping over because of the bite in the tires....LOL
Krug Green is a good prep for low bite tracks, it softens and adds a ton of bite, its a great prep for low bite tracks.

I have used Venom Soak and it can drop a tire real quick, but its a pretty harsh prep. I use Track Tac Saa Grape when i need a tire dropped quick, it works better than BTGP Red imo. What prep you use to drop the duro, really depends on how much bite you want also. Save the goat for trackside and find yourself a better prep to use thru the week to get the duro you need. Liquid Speed LS4 is another good prep for low bite and to drop the duro down use and talk about so many preps at different times on so many sets of tires you to me cant seem to know if your pitching or catching with when and where to use each prep or what prep or preps you have for each set of tires...have you used that new prep that adds 10x the almost flipps karts in the corners.....LOL....I mean seriously...why don't you get mine n try it...then tell how it works so fantastic for you....your almost as good a salesman as the guy with prep that has 10x the bite prep as GOAT....our prep is really close to krugs....LOL
Hey big cat I've already had a run in with you before on this whole prep deal an so have many other great tire guys on here. So I tell you what. Man up an give me a call sometime. My number is 678-882-9827. I'll be waiting on your call smart ass. I'm sick of you all time getting on here an wanting to argue with someone like your the only one that knows anything about what's best for the tire. That's my personal number. An look here. You call me an I don't pick up. Please do me a favor an leave a voice mail bc I'm looking forward to calling you back.