predator pulse fitting issue

I am new to the Predator box stock racing. Raced Mac 101's years ago. Need some advice on installing the pulse fitting in my valve cover on a non-hemi Predator. i am using a 1/4" x 1/4" brass barbed fitting. When I drilled into the valve cover, i hit some type of round disc. Not sure what it is. I removed the disc and installed the barb fitting and attached the tubing to my fuel pump. I haven't tried to start the engine yet. Just curious if anyone else has ran into this with their valve cover.

Thanks to all that participate in this forum. It has been a Blessing to me as a newbie.


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I'm not sure the disc or the plate that creates an upper or lower chamber matter at all. Billet valve covers don't have any of that stuff.

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Just need to keep in mind you will need a vent as well as pulse fitting in the valve cover. Sometimes it is preferred to have pulse fitting in intake, or crankcase, depending on your rules.
The disc can be a valve to keep air from coming back into engine. This can help lubrication by limiting foaming somewhat. Also creating a vacuum on crankcase can help ring sealing and free up the power loss from the piston moving air on the bottom side.


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aren't you supposed to be below the baffle with the pulse fitting?
as stated rules may affect that.
box stock: I'm thinking you are needing a new valve cover.