Robinson speed shop

I know they haven’t been in business for many years, but we ran there engines back in 97 in jr1 and I’m wondering if any of the big name builders came out of there shop? Maybe Intrested in have the engine rebuilt for a kart restoration
Bobby Brooks
Mitchell Bragg
Kevin Colburn
Kevin Gaines
Ronnie Oakley
Rohn Moon
Chris Mason

All learned or honed their craft under Ronnie's tutelage.

I may have missed a few. I learned a lot from him as well. He wasn't afraid to share the "basics" 😉

When he left the sport, I couldn't understand his thinking, as he was at the absolute top of the heap.

20 years later I understand completely 😎


I also ran Robinson engines in the late 90's, was the fastest engine at the track on the slowest kart lol (I was pretty slow but my engine contently pulled the highest dyno numbers)