Setting up my chassis

I'm currently in the process of attempting to set up my chassis off of the base specs. How do you go about figuring out the cross weight, nose weight and left side weight? Looking at the sheet I would assume you add up the right and left front would be the nose and then the front and rear left would be the left and then the right front and left rear would be the cross. I'm not 100% sure if this is correct or not just looking for some general input.
What about caster camber and toe? I am pretty sure I screwed the pooch on putting it back together after I cleaned the rust and re painted it. I tried to make everything square not knowing what I know now.

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In the technical section, there are some videos, and baseline settings for various phantom chassis.

Spend some time hanging out here should answer a lot of your questions.


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Which chassis ?
Toe you can set with a tape measure .
Caster you can go by the marks . Or the two pins if they are there .
Camber you should use a gauge .
Yes it's a phantom nemesis. I've watched all of those videos now that I know more of what's going on. Sorry about having a couple conversations going on at once once I figured out the site a little better I figured out where to start putting my questions. On my castor the left has the two pins that right only has one pin so I don't know how to tell which mark to adjust to.