Sub freezing Cold weather running....


Has anyone run their clone in lower temps, like 20F or lower? Talking about a BSP, nothign overly hopped up. Once the lakes freeze up here and I get mine running again I'm thinking of taking mine to a track that some guy seems to carve in a lake each year.

Any thoughts on these or other issues in well-below freezing temps....?

Air density changes/jetting (have a race air pro so should be able to work with that)
Maintaining motor temp (tape cowling?)
Carb icing
Oil considerations
We run a winter series at our track as long as there is not ice on the pavement we race. We had sleet, snow, thunder and lightening in the 2nd race of the series last year, but it was 38* and it was not sticking so it was race time! I didn't change anything and just let the engine warm up nicely before putting the hammer on the throttle. I do have to change jetting between winter and summer.
What did you guys for for studs in the tires? I'll be likely running outdoors on a lake, so like I say, it'll be collllld.
Might be worth getting a "torpedo" heater and aiming it at the engine in between races... That's how we kept our oil warm on cold nights for USAC Silver Crown... I'd tape the heck outta' the shroud and use appropriate plug and jetting too. Have fun!
Wish the had a thanks/like/karma button was turned on... Maybe I wont bother with the clone and go right to the FA, falling onto the studs when push starting might suck a bit though.
You can get the studs from Ice World champion ship ice racing.
razor rockets.also you can find them on ebay.
My favorite karts for the lake is the shifter karts, we do run antifreeze instead of water. Just screw a few ice screws in your boots so you can walk,run or push start a kart with out falling down. A snow plow on an ATV is a good pusher too. We are sort of lucky as far as jetting goes. The same jetting generally works well for hot summer days at 5,000 ft and at 25 degrees on the lake that is at 10,000 ft.
That's a pretty picture above, but them tires wouldn't stand a chance against some snow hogs and ice screws. Nothing wrong with some counter steering coming out of the corners, yet my kart would have the snow cone machine blasting off the right rear if I were in the picture. :)
When I run mod alky 4 strokes in the winter cold I mix about 20% gas into it for heat and easier start up, then set the needles on track.
Shifter would be fun but can't see me being allowed take mine on the ice haha. It has a CR250 on it right now.. would be enough power for some sideways action.
What did you do with tires to help the screws stay steady and be able to inflate them still. Inner tube?
The care taker of the lake has a cr250 on his kart. The snow hogs have about a 5/8" tread thickness unlike a thinner tread that a grooved or rain kart tire has. I still prefer to clip about 1/16" of the pointed end of the screw off with side cutters so that it doesn't penetrate inside of the tire, yet then the screw sort of needs a pilot hole so I use a small diameter diamond dremel chucked up to 1/2" and pre drill all my holes. Then I put a drop of crazy glue on the threads of each screw before screwing them in. The glue helps quit a bit as it sqeezes out and helps the shoulder of the screw attach to the rubber. The nobby that the screw is in will generally bust off the tire with the screw still in it. No tubes or liners needed my three sets of tires are all still fully inflated from last year. The taller and narrower tire of the snow hog grips and bites better with the concentrated smaller contact point of the flexing lugs when compered to a wide stiff tread of a rain tire or slick.
I haven't tried it yet but about the only improvement IMO would be to mount dually snow hogs on the rear of the shifters.
Generally speaking at around sea level to 1000- feet experience has shown the high- speed needs to be richer. Below 32 degrees the air is denser more fuel- more air;That is one reason they tell you in owners manuals special jetting kit required for hi-altitude operation (leaner) very common on snow-blowers.most of these motors make some great power,with right fuel -air ratio in cold weather.