Thoughts on D.B. Cooper......


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I was watching a show on TV last night about D.B. Cooper and it got me wondering, do you think he survived the jump?

For some reason, I think he did.
sure he could have made it . but the money is long gone by now ! he is either working the counter at Caseys General Store , a door greeter at Walmart or driving a cab ...............;) LOL
I think he made it also... Also believe Lee Harvey didn't shoot jfk and bin laden wasn't behind 9/11 but they are just my personal opinions, no one will every know
sure he could have made it . but the money is long gone by now ! he is either working the counter at Caseys General Store , a door greeter at Walmart or driving a cab ...............;) LOL

He made it ok, but....he invested the money in Wal-Mart stock in early 72' after he finally got it gathered up out of the Columbia River...:)
It's deashavieu all over again

Wasn't this a conversation before the crash before the last crash?

Seems I remember it going on for ever and ever.

Jump from a plane at 600mph and survive? Not likely!
Any airborne guys on here with factual information re: high speed jumps?

By far the greatest likelihood is that when he came down to the mountainous region he
jumped into, the wild animals looked at him as "manna from heaven."
Made a nice pre-killed snack for some big cat.
It's possible to survive the jump from an aft door like he did....the problems are that it was night, roughly -50 degrees at the altitude at which he jumped, had inferior skydiving gear, etc.

The flight crew said he was wearing a trench coat and loafers, which led investigators to believe he couldnt have survived the jump, much less the terrain in which he landed in. However, before he jumped, the entire flight crew was locked into the who knows what kind of equipment he had on the plane....the inferior skydiving equipment that the police provided him in his Seattle landing may very well have been a diversion to lead FBI officials to believe he never could have made it.

I think he made it, and got away scot-free.....the only trace of him was a few thousand bucks washed up in a river (again, another diversion possibly). In the 40 some years since the jump, SOMETHING would have turned up...skeletal remains, parachute, money, etc. Nothing.
whaaat you mean you dont think he made the high altitude jump from a commercial jet liner traveling at 520 knots LOL 600mph.....................:eek:
" Oddly, he also demanded that the jet fly as slow as possible (120 mph) and at a maximum of 10,000 feet, with the landing gear down and the back door open! Coupled with his demand for parachutes, it was obvious what was coming next."

An easy jump.

Why do folks always try to 2nd. guess history? Particularly when they don't know all the facts?
Why ya gettin mad Jack, could you be DB?? :)
My favorite stunt as a kid: the Ken Carter/Ken Powers rocket car jump across the St. Lawrence Seaway! A flying car to sail a mile through the air from Canada to America! You might wonder how well does a rocket-powered Lincoln Continental fly? Well, go ahead and find out.

Also, "Devil at Your Heals" makes for a 100 minute documentary/unintended comedy that you won't soon forget, recounting the 5 years of effort that went into the jump. It's up on YouTube in its entirety.