Tire won’t pop

I got some MG rain tires and can’t get both sides to pop. One side will pop at around 40 psi and I have gone all the way up to 90 psi in the other side just won’t. Yes, I have tried Windex, bead breaker lube, and everything else to try and make it work but it won’t. How high can I run the pressure to get that last side to pop? Or MG rain tires known to take more pressure to pop?


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If it’s popped on sideways at 90 it’s more than likely not gonna go. Break it back down and tighten your band up a bit. Get it started up on straight before you hammer it with air.
Maybe a dumb question: I don’t have a tire band, but could I use a ratchet strap? Does it matter if I’m holding the tire upright or on its side?


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My experience with ratchet straps is sketchy at best. I broke a few before getting a tire band which works 99% of the time. The few that wouldnt pop onto the wheel right away would do so after being heated quite a while.

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Does the volume of air going in make a difference? I have a small compressor and wonder if that makes a difference?
You won't get it without a tire band, they make cheap tire bands that have a heavy ratchet strap on them, use at least that or adjustable tire bands are much cheaper than the rings, surely someone where you race has a tire band you can borrow. Yes volume of air makes a difference.


Need an adjustable band or ring. It is dangerous and hard on the tire not to. I like to square up the tire on the rim with a little air first, put it in the ring and give it air as fast as possible. Seems to help them bead up true. Make sure you lube inside ring and tire so it can move. Windex is my choice. If tire won't bead up with 120lbs of air throw it in the oven for a minute. Don't get it super hot, just a bit of heat.
Yeah, it’s just so frustrating to get the tire, wheel, bead breaker and mounting tool and all that is left to do is air them up and can’t. I don’t want to rely on someone else. I can do regular tires fine, but these rain tires are a pain in my as*


Tire band won't save you when the side of the tire blows out or the wheel explodes in half. Tire band is just to prevent stretching the diameter bigger.

You have to get the lube on tire and wheel then pop it before the lube dries out which takes about 20 seconds or even less if you heat the tire. I've never had to go above 60 psi and I pop them with the schrader valve installed with a good strong air bottle.

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If you seat the bead w 90 lbs of air and no band, the tire may stretch to weird sizing too...
If u have nothing else, ive heard a 5gallon pail might work.
I've never tried it.. our big treaded Hoosiers wouldn't fit..
No matter.. use SOMETHING .. and a ratchet strap seems like a good idea, but it really isnt... if that little rubber bomb goes off, you want it contained

Good luck. Be safe