Whats the BEST?

The Bully Clutch is a ever continuing refinement of a clutch originally designed and manufactured by Gil Horstman before 99% of today's current racers where born. It is pretty much the most popular clutch out today. And many more people are working to refine and improve Kermit's version. And just as many people are refurbishing them to varying degrees of success for an equally varied price range......generally speaking ;)


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Any good "quality" clutch that is set up correctly.

I rebuild a lot of Bully clutches and they are as good as anything out there (as long as they are done right.) Availability of parts is a BIG factor in choosing a clutch too.
Most every kart shop and trackside vendor will have parts in stock for a Bully clutch - that's worth something when you need a part in a pinch.

A lot of the aftermarket "Bully copy" clutches can be just as good (again if they are set up right.) A good clutch blueprinter is more important than the color of the basket. :)
Having the clutch surfaces machined perfectly and the clutch set-up correctly makes all the difference.

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No...but a welded one together 2 laps from finishing a feature that worked just like that. I put it up on the stand rolled the tires and she fired right up. No more max torque clutches for this cat.