Youth Karting or Wrestling Shoe Help


Looking to find a good , affordable pair of wrestling or karting shoes in a child 13 or youth size 1. Not trying to pay an arm or a leg since he will be growing out of them so fast. Please Help. I got a week to get them ordered before Christmas. Let me know what you guys can come up with.

Cliff Davis


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Check around for a local second hand sporting goods store. In our area we use Play IT again sports. I have 2 kids in sportsman 1 and 2 classes and we have gone through about 5 pairs of shoes this season. They grow so fast at young ages its hard to spend big money on really nice shoes. I have paid on average $15-20 for great condition wrestling shoes.


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wait until February / March when wrestling season is over, and a nice pair of Asics can be had for about $40


I agree. That's a good time to buy them but he wants them for Christmas. Eastbay for new, Ebay for used.
I just bought a pair of Asics 3 weeks ago at Dicks Sporting goods for $50. The boy practiced for 3 days before he dislocated his knee. The gas pedal knee at that!!! But he should be good to go for racing season though...


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We always bought our son Puma's for school, and when he got a new pair the other were racing shoes