Dirt Track Preparation

Bob Evans

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I don't expect to get a lot of posts or threads in this forum. Prepping a track, from my past experience, is usually a close guarded secret among individuals.
However, I believe it could become an area that contains some valuable information, if anyone participates.
Dirt oval first it's a must to be smooth, then it's all about learning what your working with you always need a lot of moisture usually Double what one would think, then it's all about learning the timing of running it in and what you run it in with, MOST use old pickups & SUV's in most cases the wider and smoother the tires the better, re-misting it after vehicle run in and finishing it off with Karts gives best end results, then once you start with practice keep moving the classes up and back down establishing a wide enough racing groove, there is plenty of more info hopefully this is some GENERAL INFO to get the ball rolling and start some questions. Then for DAY racing there is the whole calcium application which I'll go over later.
While i don't know anything about current procedures or techniques i'm glad we no longer soak tracks with used motor oil and waste products like was common in the past.