Is the disk brake shield necessary?

Scotty oliver has a scar on his side where the clutch burned thru his seat 3rd degree burns,seat post broke he won the race,but has a scar size of a bully on his side.šŸ¤£i said why didnt ya pull off i was leading the race.
Thats why I have a steel plate on my seat
The Wolfe plate arrived without mounting hardware, but I will figure it out. Plus I have the aluminum heat shield chain guard on the Predator. My original Tornado Kart from the '60s had a metal seat back, so we did not worry about the disk brake rotor coming through that seat back. It had a cam-style mechanical brake, no hydraulics, and the brake rotor was an actual clutch disk. Thank you, everyone, for your help and opinions. My son's safety is my very first concern.
My son almost got dq'd his first race because in the haste of putting the kart together I forgot to put it on. Luckily I had my kart there and removed mine and I sat out that night. Probably the most fun I had sitting and watching my son.