Tire Spa

I finally got to use my Tire Spa this past weekend, it worked flawlessly and I couldn't be happier. Takes all the hard work out of washing tires.
I think it's is the motor not the pump it was running but just seemed to loose presure and the water was clean because I thought that it might of been clogged so I drained it an put fresh water in it than went to nothing
Sounds like the pump needs rebuilding.This is an easy fix,takes about 1 hour and the parts to completely rebuild pump head are under $50.00.Please call or pm me and I can tell you exactly how to do it,910 616-2662,thanks!
Shipping to Iowa will be $70.00.Due to power outtages and totaling a vehicle in the ice we won't be accepting any new orders for 10 to 14 days until we can catch up and get some machined parts made ahead.ALL outstanding orders will be filled by the end of this week.As for pics please view video on post #8,thanks!
My unit was one of the originals and it still works flawlessly! Best piece we have ever bought for our team! Numerous people ask about it at every event we go to and I give em all your number. As much as this has helped us I hope to sell a semi load of these for ya! Keep up the great work