Track schedules and classes 2021?

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But purple in jr3?
That is what a lot of tracks are moving towards is the purple plate clone.... which sucks for us guys that are already sitting with plated flatheads and plated animals.... but be aware i have now seen several tracks switching to the predator for the jr classes as well... i guess they cant invert all engines into one class for the kids to run...


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Just build an open/rwyb. Then you don’t have all the guessing. Then just go race where you want.
Also believe that until covid situation gets better it is hard for them to decide. I think kart counts across the country are down. Could be wrong! My stuff stayed parked all last year!
EXACTLY ! no rules or very limited rules to worry about with this type of racing.


I have seen Green Plates turn laps faster than most adult classes , just sayin . It might be time for some tracks to really consider gear rules or some other form to slow the kids down some . Bullrings aren't so bad , but big momentum tracks might have to go some route to slow them down some .