If you quit Karting, what would you do....

race the beer distributors to the next beer joint .............:p yep thats it , i will race those guys man talk about a super heavy class................!!!
Spend time with the family and work on some old hot rods (65 Chevy 2 and 71 Olds Cutlass).

yeah me too, 69 corvette stingray 427ci 390hp automatic I would like to race this in F.A.S.T. drag racing someday ( factory appearing stock tire ) there are 2 cars in the high nine second range, you can check out some races on you tube :).... and I have a 1969 mercury cougar XR-7 351 Windsor, mostly stock with a 69/70 Shelby gt350 4 barrel intake manifold, runs good for what it is.....
When I get out of racing completely (and that time is in the not so distant future) I plan on building a late 60's Chevy C10 with my dad, and going on a few hunting trips every year
Just rebuild old car's and think about kart racing,don't go to the track, just think about it 4-hrs a day. Hope the phone rings and someone needs help ! Maybe I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mostly way toooooooooooooooo sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny in Socal in Summer . I had a bike racing buddy who used to say . Winter for bike racing, Summer for Sailing Surfing and Girls in Bikini's in Socal.